Rocket Specs

The concept is simple:
We bring you the latest in plasma technology, because we are the Plasma People, it’s just what we do.
The improvements you ask?

  • we’ve got red plasma…and it’s full spectrum supporting all stages from seed to flower.
  • simple, efficient, replaceable bulbs.
  • the latest in reflector technology exclusive to horticulture.
  • unsurpassed efficiency, drawing only 230W (that’s under 2 amps at 120V or just below 1 amp at 240V)
  • outperforms higher wattage HIDs: with plasma, it’s all about spectral precision and stability…it’s why you can rock it.

Power: 230W

  • less than 2 amps at 120V
  • less than 1 amp at 240V

Input Voltage: 100-277V

Plug options: 120V or 240V

Strike/Re-strike Time: 30-60 sec

Weight: 15 lbs

Length: 20 in

Width: 13 in

Height: 12 in

Our unique 3000K, horticultural bulb includes a PAR optimized spectrum with boosted red for flowering and ample blues for healthy vegetation. This specialized bulb takes plants from initial seed to robust flowering. And with the electrodeless technology, your light always delivers.
Other bulb options are available for specialty industries-
*Interchangeable Bulb Options: 3000K, 4500K, 5500K

Bulb Replacement Schedule:

3000K @ 9 months

The latest in plasma: a PAR optimized, electrodeless bulb (so it always delivers) with enhanced red for boosted flowering plus solid blues for incredible vegetation. Get back to nature and give your plant the light it deserves.

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