About Us

The Rocket Plasma assembly lineThe concept of Rocket Plasma emerged due to a simple pursuit – how does one create the perfect light for plant development? The technology seemed capable, thanks in part to the advancements in plasma lighting technology. But, in our opinion, a few factors still required refinement: optics, bulb fill, form factor, heat dissipation and, importantly, price. We outlined each engineering goal with horticultural requirements in mind and our team moved forward with gusto and curiosity. The result: it was a collaborative effort which has ultimately reshaped the capabilities of advanced horticultural lighting.

Originally based in Colorado, our operations are now situated in Grass Valley, CA. Our local manufacturing team has over 35 years experience as a Lockheed contracting facility. Now, every Rocket Plasma which leaves our line appreciates the careful quality of this assembly expertise. Formed with lasers and CNC breaks, the Rockets are then hand finished and doubly inspected prior to shipment. We can attest that each stainless steel fastener and every solder meets the highest standards of production.